How an Employee should work with Manager

Superior officer (Manager) mostly will be a generalist (They will be having more responsibilities and wider exposure to larger audience).

Subordinate officer (Employee) mostly will be a specialist in any particular field.

  • A subordinate should work with his/her superior like a people who warm themselves with fire. Be neither too close (as it will cause injuries) nor too far (as it will not provide sufficient warmth from the fire to people)
  • While in the presence of superior officers, subordinate officers should not whisper or smile(mock) with co-subordinates.
  • When superior officer engaged in secret conversation with others, subordinates should not try to take any effort to get it. If any secrets shared to you, should not be revealed to others and it should be only divulged by superior.
  • When subordinate conveying news or requesting with superior, it should be in pleasing manner and subordinate should consider superior’s state of mind (disposition) and right fitting time.
  • Subordinate always should give and convey agreeable & useful advice/information to superior but should not convey/engage in useless talk even superior requesting to do so.
  • Even when superior is junior in age or connected with family of subordinate, subordinate should behave with superior in respectful manner.
  • Even when subordinates are honored by superior for their actions, subordinate should not do what is disagreeable (by thinking we have gained superior’s grace)

– Ref source: Thirukkural